Hi I’m Wendy Hallett, I live in Clermont Queensland,
I am a mother to six children and grandmother to thirteen grandchildren.
I am of aboriginal heritage, and my love for aboriginal culture is explored in my artwork.
My passion for art started back as far as I can remember.

I have been painting for twenty years and I am self-taught. Over the years I have attended many workshops
Flying Arts, McGregor Winter, Summer Schools, and Oakey Art Group to expand my knowledge of the art world.
Jenni Kelly, Michael Winters, John Lovett, and Lucia Ray, are some of the great artists who have taught me
so much over the years.

I have had four exhibition, and my works are hanging in many homes and businesses throughout Australia as well as overseas.

I have won many awards over the years, my proudest moment was when my painting called “Seeds of Time”

Received a Highly Commended in the Flying Art Exhibition in Brisbane
I was asked the following year for it to tour Queensland, for the Queensland Cement Limited Art Award.

My passion is Mixed Media work, using found objects and creating on the board as you go along
using colour in every form or way possible, as it adds excitement to the end results of my work.

I hope to keep on painting for as long as I can, as I’m still learning.

Wendy Hallett